My namne is Emilia and im a 19 years old swedish girl.

I love meeting new people,travel, Food, my family and friends.

Right now i study to be a nurse and i have 2 years Left. I also work as a personal assistent. When im home im working as a CAM model/webmodel and i love it.

But sometimes i feel lonely and miss someone to talk to and cuddle with,laugh and hang out with. One of my biggest intresset is taking pictures of me. Normal pictures, sexy and hot ones to. I also love making erotic videos. 

i love shopping and i love When people spoil me, and i Will spoil them back with some Nice things From me. 

I Would love to be your online secret girlfriend. 

If you feel lonely or just in mood for a hot camshow or video or just want someone to talk to or want a Nice, sweet sexy girlfriend online. Or just a sweet baby doll to spoil, or maybe love. im here for you sweety. 

 I love when men taking care of me and i will take care of him.

To have access to call me and write on my phone,kik,snap or email, or if you want a hot camshow,sexy video, sexy photos or my juicy panties or maybe you just wanna spoil you babydoll then
check out my registry here for payment details Or just Put 15$ to my paypal: paypal.me/lillajag  just like you pay to be on a dating site, leave a tipnote with your whatsapp/viber number,kik,snap or email and i will add you.
Cant wait to hear from you


Babydoll Emilia😘


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